Did the Smoke Get in Your Eyes, Justin?

Evacuees fear having to leave Fort McMurray permanently

Energy workers already uncertain about their jobs now worry about homes

By Briar Stewart, CBC News Posted: May 07, 2016 7:00 AM MT Last Updated: May 07, 2016 9:05 AM MT

Although I am sure to be castigated for making comparisons, I cannot avoid the notion that somehow this  catastrophe  holds similar lessons as the  world-wide refugee problem..

I am not suggesting that the level of  danger and fear were  remotely similar, but  that sickness in the pit of your stomach, when you realize, suddenly, you  have  no job, no home and nothing to go back to  or anything to  go forward towards is a universal..and  I am hoping against hope that  the response here in Canada, while wonderful and not unexpected,  will give those nations  that  have ignored the plight of the  Syrians, Yemeni, Nigerian, and other people ravaged by war some sort of pause..countries  like Saudi  Arabia, oppressor of  women and immigrant workers, the country that just  purchased, with  Justin Trudeau’s approval, some 11 billion in  armored  vehicles from Canada…this sort of  oxymoronic  response to crisis seems to be  typical of the  Trudeau  regime, even in the early days of his  ‘leadership’…

Our Canadian government says that it will ‘match’  whatever charitable funds are raised  through  public donations  for the Albertans who  are in need..sorry, Justin,  not nearly enough..and nowhere near the Fed’s  response to the  Syrian crisis, I might add..

I was  pleasantly surprised, although I shouldn’t have been, that  Syrian refugees in Canada are raising funds for  those  who suffer in Fort  McMurray…they get it, why doesn’t our  “sunny ways’ guy get it, too?


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One Response to Did the Smoke Get in Your Eyes, Justin?

  1. thnkfryrslf says:

    I thought the same thing. Trudeau should have announced the governments own financial package along with matching the Red Cross donations and why isn’t he already in Fort McMurray.

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