O, Can We Not Just Do This?


Changing O Canada: Is God next?: Terry Milewski

Christians warn that changing O Canada is a slippery slope to removing God and the Holy Cross

By Terry Milewski, CBC News Posted: Jun 11, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 11, 2016 9:22 AM ET

Either/Or cannot happen soon enough..
When I first heard KD Lang singing the anthem with “..in all of us” I thought, yes! That was back in the 70’s, and whenever I hear it, always think of that phrase as right and proper..was never comfortable with the God stuff, but what are ya gonna do? Women have always been excluded or ignored, and ‘God’ always refers to something male, so ….
monarchists and so-called Christians will forever be frozen in time, but this country ‘s not about that anymore, if it ever was..
How about “Peace keep our land glorious and free..’..now that would be something worth singing about…we used to be famous for it…..

We  give lip service to being a mosaic, yet  every formal and informal occasion results in the hypocrisy of  a hymn to him and Him….O Canada being the exclusive purveyor of  pious WASP self-aggrandizement…all the while intoning the  late Victorian sentiments of colonialized patriotism which as we all know  ultimately  result in  incivility to the  Other..in this case, the rest of  the world, their  guaranteed  freedom of belief,  and half it’s population (female, that is…)

I always knew it would take a man, a brave man, too, to force any sort of change…any woman alive  can tell you about the experience of telling a man  something, anything, and it not  being considered valid unless opined by another man, especially if he acts as though he invented it….I’m old enough now  not to care so much that  this is a reality for most of us, just  happy to hope that something that  represents  my nation of choice is made  whole….and  thanks to Belanger for attempting to make it so…


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2 Responses to O, Can We Not Just Do This?

  1. No God please.
    Let’s go one step further and stop paying for any Catholic education (another jurisdiction I know but a change that must happen).

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