The MSM Semantics of anti-Semitism…

Has the activist left decided anti-Semitism doesn’t exist?: Neil Macdonald

History, detail and nuance often ignored in modern political discourse

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Jun 14, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 6:28 AM ET

To answer your  question, Neil,  no, as a matter of fact, if  you were to look  closely, more so than the cursory check you’ve given ‘activism’ you might find that many of these activists are Jews, or come from a  Jewish background…

This  has always been the case, yes,  even in Israel – but the MSM here does  the same thing to activists that it  does to Bernie Sanders..pretends they don’t exist, give them no coverage at all unless the  perception of anti-Semitism can be served by blackening an activist response to anything…I am sick to death of it, personally, but  still  you journos, and politicians of  most stripes, persist in the ideological fallacy that any sort of  protest of the direct or indirect (Cuomo) actions of the Israeli government is somehow anti-Semitic…I call bullshit.

When Governor  Cuomo of New York declares that they will unilaterally  boycott any business that has the  ‘nerve’ to boycott  Israel, with no consultation and an abysmal ignorance  of the US constitution, that boycott of  a marauding country  is  called an  anti-Semitic response…

Ask yourself, Neil, if  Trump blames all  Moslems for  what  occurred in Orlando , does that  make his accusations valid?  If  some  mental case (and assuredly  this murderer was that, evidenced by testimony of  aquaintances, ex-wife and  even his father..) decides to  commit  an atrocity on this level, is it his  mental state that  creates the crime, or Allah? Or are those who blame all Moslems for  these  acts right, or are they anti-Moslem?

Full disclosure, Neil, I am an absolute pagan from a family that consists of  Jews on my mother’s side, and  Catholics on my father’s…I  have an avid dislike of all organized religion, yet I  am happy to concede that the rights of all to worship  or not as they see fit are sacrosanct…but those rights do not extend to the  state-sponsored abuse, murder and  imprisonment, genocide and  economic  control over another group… and, if  some Jews are committing  these atrocities  while simultaneously claiming discrimination, sorry,  but  it’s pathetic and horrifying…to misquote an old  bit of rhetoric..those who do not benefit from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them….none more so than the  Israelis who  keep electing these  fascist  governments.  If that is  what passes for anti-Semitism, guess  that is what I  am…..


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