You Can Handle the Truth…..


This is an excellent introduction for those who do not understand the issue..should be required viewing in every high school in Europe and North America (USA and Canada) so that over time education does what the limited means of Palestinians cannot..that is, educate the next generation in the reality of the Occupation..nothing works like education, no bomb or apartheid or mistreatment can stand against it…

I am always at a loss  for a simple way to  explain my POV to those who  are ignorant on the subject, whose only  contact with it  is through the MSM which is so one-sidedly Pro Israel that it is impossible to  expect those who do not search for the truth to ever reach it..this is all I can contribute, and  Jewish  Voice for Peace is a wonderful  site I found through  Facebook and can recommend to anyone searching for is produced  by Jews who are eager to tell the world  what is really going on..I am grateful to  them.


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