There’s Somethin’ Happening Here…

I’ve been holding back on commenting….reality has been so overwhelming and I feel as if, for the first time since possibly the War of  1812, that  the West is  slowly, inexorably being pulled into  another war, this time on home turf..perhaps  even  CW2..(Civil War)…

If we look at what is  happening around the world, it seems that, indeed, the center will not hold..everywhere are signs of  right wing  insanity and left wing resurgence, and we all know that the power rests in the  hands of the corporatists…but how  do they propose to deal with  the  singular  seemingly guerrilla war tactics of  the disaffected?..these are increasing in  number and seriousness..who  would have thought that any  mentally unstable individual  could out- do  Orlando for sheer  horror and numbers?  I  give you Nice,  France…

And  while all of this  is  going on,  the people  are marching in the streets of the US and to a lesser extent, Canada,  and no one seems interested in anything  except  stifling  dissent, whatever it may be directed towards..just saw a nasty vid on FB  of   a protest on private property (the protesters were invited  to occupy the property by the legal owner) in the Southern US where the cops literally pushed the protesters onto public property so they could be beaten on and  arrested, and they knew they were being they care?  No!  Because no one is being held  responsible for their actions anymore, there is too much happening at such an insane pace that no one  can deal with it..Emotional overload..Obama goes public with a lot of mumbling about  terrorism and  violence and guns blah blah blah..then signs a bill allowing  Monsanto to keep on poisoning us under the law…

On the home front, our selfie-loving PM  has  obviously decided, like all politicians, that to actually keep his word regarding  pre-election promises might  be….well, premature,  and so  we go on, insecure about whether or not in fact  we can  do something about  pipelines and oil tankers invading the  West Coast and despoiling  what little we have left…bill C-51 is gonna be a  shoo-in, mark my words, and as for  local  problems like  contaminated soil being  legally dumped  on the hills overlooking a source of our  drinking water in  Shawnigan Lake, well, that seems to be cracking on, apace…

In other news, Jon  Stewart  obviously couldn’t resist  the temptation of  overseeing the Republican Convention, and so will join his old sidekick,  Stephen Colbert as an ‘analyst’ on Late Night..something to look forward to,  the odd smile to  try and keep the numbing horror  at bay while the fiddlers screech on – as Rome  does a slow burn…

























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7 Responses to There’s Somethin’ Happening Here…

  1. MoS says:

    You have to look pretty hard to find anything of real significance that’s trending in the right direction, CP. It’s like constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop only where did all these shoes come from?

    • cityprole says:

      But who/what decides what is of real significance? Every death is pretty damn significant in my opinion, every bill that signs away the rights of people in a so called democracy to healthy flood is significant, wouldn’t you say?

    • cityprole says:

      But who/what decides what is of real significance? Every death is pretty damn significant in my opinion, every bill that signs away the rights of people in a so called democracy to healthy food is significant, wouldn’t you say? the problem is, there is so much of it now and it’s coming so fast, that we are in danger of numb acceptance…

      • MoS says:

        I guess we each have to make that call for ourselves much as we do when we enter a voting booth. “There is so much of it now and it’s coming so fast” – too true. You either have to look at it from below and take it item by item which deprives you of the big picture or from above where you can see it without detail. If you let yourself get caught in the middle, in the flood, you face overload.

        One of the things I’ve decided to look into this summer is the mental impact of climate change on those most immediately impacted, on those as yet only marginally affected, and on researchers and scientists working in the field. There are instances of top-tier scientists who reach their emotional limit, quit their jobs and find some safe spot teaching chemistry in some community college. I guess the anti-depressant business is pretty good among their ranks. A lot of this is anecdotal but researchers are now studying the researchers.

        My take, CP, is that we continue to reject the enormity of these looming threats and we’re now being overtaken by events. That’s the problem with tipping points, you don’t know you’ve crossed them until you’re already well past. When we expelled posterity from our policy and planning, back in the Reagan/Thatcher/Mulroney era, to clear the way for neoliberalism, safeguards such as the precautionary principle became heresy. We styled ourselves as Masters of the Universe which is why we find ourselves in this spot today.

      • cityprole says:

        I don’t exactly know where you are from, MoS..I imagine out East..
        I have the double burden of being an immigrant..eons ago, I was born and raised in the States, and my family, or what’s left of it, and several old friends, are still there and I cannot help but relate to the US..the elephant in the N. American room..What happens there affects us here in Canada so strongly, and I do some point all the anecdotes pile up and become that mountain we’ve created from the molehill…and climbing it makes The Himalayas look like a light hike before breakfast…
        Your analysis, while valid, is nonetheless disturbing in that you seem resigned..I am an old warrior, but still a warrior, and I can’t help but feel that disinterested observation is a big part of the problem..
        One of the great things about Sanders is that, finally, he woke people up, and specifically, young people, the ones who stereo-typically do not vote..and what happens? What always happens, the powers that be either turn it into something trendy and soon forgotten, or they fight dirty and neutralize it..I can remember when I was about 19, still living in the States, and my aunt was visiting, showing off the ‘hippie’ earrings that she had bought at her first craft fair (end of the 60’s)..I didn’t tell her, but they were very ornate beaded roach clips (for the uninitiated, that is a tool for holding the butt end of a joint). I knew then and there that it was all over with, and when she showed up a few months later in a Che T-shirt, (she had no idea who he was, just liked the graphic) I knew it for sure..the ‘revolution’ was co -opted…and so it seems is the Sanders movement…
        Like the younger people who were captivated by ideas that are oldies but goodies, I held out some hope for him..guess I was being naive…perhaps you are correct, but I can’t help feeling gloomy about our future prospects..I am older and don’t have much stock in the future, but I wonder and worry for those who are young now…I guess that’s my job as a thinking feeling human being, tired yes, but resigned? Fuckin’ never….

  2. MoS says:

    CP, I was born in southwestern Ontario, Lake St. Clair, but I’ve lived on the west coast since the 70s. I now am parked in a smallish seaside town on Vancouver Island. Am I “resigned”? Yes, I suppose I have been since I joined the Dark Mountain group. Its manifesto describes it as a place for environmentally-minded people resolute in continuing to fight the good fight but who no longer want to subscribe to the lies society tells itself. There is something genuinely liberating in continuing with advocacy free of the burden of delusion. You keep up the fight because it’s the right thing to do, not because you believe you’ll achieve some milk and honey result.

    • cityprole says:

      Interesting..we’re both on the Island..well, haven’t heard of your group, but that sounds like a great attitude to me..and BTW, I never ‘expect’ results of any kind, but I am grateful for whatever baby steps we can make towards a civilized world..

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