Just another E-Mail from the Real World…

A friend sent me this article,  and  I am  adding my  answer…I don’t have permission to print out the article in its entirety, but  you  can  look for it  at FP..it’s short and succinct…


Our leaders’ unpunished failures have led to furious voters

Stephen Walt

For Foreign Policy magazine

Dear K….

Actually, that is  Germany post WW1, and  this is the same response to a  conman that the  Germans gave to  Hitler..and yes, i a, terrified..but  Klaas I am a  Bernie fan all the way, and if this sort of  seemingly mindless  anger is what is necessary to clean house..well, so be it..the only way people seemingly learn is the hard way, and though all these  writers  trash this and that elite, who allowed them to get into power, and maintain it all these years?  The people, who treat participatory democracy like a  joke,  most of those angry  ones probably never  bother to vote or even  do a little reading/research to find out what is really going on…

Don’t want to make you feel bad, but a real microcosm of this attitude is  a union..how many meetings did anyone actually attend? In the twenty years i was  with the  City I tried to attend as many as i could, I participated and  got  frustrated because the powers that were entrenched in that Union office  knew what Trump and the  others  knew..that  people are lazy, don’t want to be bothered and they would do whatever the  Union  told them was for  ‘their won good..”  When I tried to  fight that I succeeded, but then, apathy set in again and  people quit caring,  and quit coming to meetings, etc…and so it goes…
The  same thing happens  here (and in the US and Britain)..sure everyone  got all antsy and decided they’d had enough of  Harper, but who died they vote for?  And how is Trudeau any different?  He isn’t…and so it goes…it’s gonna have to get a lot worse here before it gets better….and  Canadians haven’t  even gotten angry yet..I have no idea  what that is going to look like…

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