Just Woke Up….

I know it’s been a long, long time since I posted..I’ve been in shock for so many  weeks now,  just  sort of  coming out of it  a bit..but instead of nattering on and on about what a horrible scary year it  has been I’d like to take this opportunity to  thank those of you  who read/followed my blog, who commented, who engaged and who generally cared about the  state of the world  in 2016..

I’m not a  PC kinda person, so saying  Merry Christmas, Happy  Hannukkah,  Happy Kwanzaa, etc …or just Happy Holidays –  doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it is what I have..it won’t be easy for many of us, but we need to regroup  for what is to come…

Please  enjoy  a peaceful season and rest up for the fight  ahead…for fighting is becoming the norm these days..we need to stop complaining and start acting, responding..for those of us in BC Canada, there is no greater fight  ahead than  stopping  the Kinder Morgan pipeline…and in Canada in general,  making sure that Justin  Trudeau lives up to his promises to all of us…no more selfies, be a  decent human being and back up  your election  promises in a  concrete way..and that includes proportional representation…

For  the USA, no declaration of  problems  is necessary..you  possibly have the biggest  one of all in your new president to be..good luck with that…

For the rest of the world, I can only wish  for peace…


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