Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Cry…


Saw this on Facebook, and just for old times sake (yeah, I am that old…) I watched the video, and instead of  ‘enjoying’ it, for the first time I noticed just  how truly angry Joe MacDonald was, and I noticed that  the  young guys in the audience were sort of ‘enjoying’ it but they really hesitated  when he kept  insisting that they sing along…took  ’em awhile to  get into the  bouncy, portentous tune…and I thought about that, about the fear  that they must have been feeling, about the inevitability of the draft…and it made me cry all over  again…for  those young boys who all must  have known what was to come, and  for  what was back then  my country…

Woodstock  was a long time ago,  ‘Nam was a long  time ago…and at the time, I had no idea that I would wind up in  Canada in ’72,  getting a bit tired of all the  draft dodger jokes directed at me, but  trying to be  good humored about it, since  some of my own  California  friends were up  here, sheltered by this country that at the  time, understood…

Now, thinking about all the millennials who cannot find jobs, who are the generation  unable to leave home because  as adults they must rely on the support of their parents…and I wonder if  their new President will find  jobs for them elsewhere…in another stupid  pointless  horrific war..that’s a rich corporatist’s  wet dream, because there’s no  profits like war profits, and  with slave (free) labor to boot, in the form of  cannon fodder paid for  by  the  ones  who are taxed….



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