Idle Worship….

Stephen Harper and the Beautiful Flag He Hates So Much


As an ex-Yank who always found it profoundly disturbing that rampant, ignorant, my way or the highway stupid patriotism started with ridiculous flag-worship in the States, have to say that spending any kind of big money on the anniversary of a flag seems dumb in the extreme…It’s great to acknowledge it, and fun to read about the people involved, but I hate to see Canadians who are mostly rational and intelligently fervent about their love of country get all worked up about such trivia as how much Harpo spent on celebrating a flag…
Beware…this is the sort of blindness that Harpo would love to encourage, even if it is at his expense..
The saying south of the 49th, when I was a kid, was “America, love it or leave it” and we always retorted, “Change it or lose it” but as we all know, that never happened..we have to make sure that Canada stays progressive and free of the sort of rightwing symbol worship that infects the US and leads to the  “Kill ’em all, let God decide…” sort of rationale  …
There was a time when Americans used to wear a Canadian flag when they traveled to Europe to prevent themselves from being targeted as Yanks…I hear that doesn’t work so well these days, after more than a decade of the HarperCons….


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