Why Would the Opposition Take Debate?

Federal election 2015: Conservative move on election debates raises questions

Forget philosophical battles over free-market democracy – how, exactly, is this going to work?

By Kady O’Malley, Janyce McGregor, CBC News Posted: May 17, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: May 17, 2015 5:00 AM ET


Big whoop..no one watches anyway, and Harper is so paranoid that he’s not gonna deal with anything real..the other leaders will, and should, refuse to ‘join’ his march to the bottom, and that leaves him all kinds of time to spew his rhetoric, undaunted by any actual debate..and few if any actual  viewers, or voters…after all,  this is so  obviously a desperation ploy to counteract the ineffective 24/7  lack of interest in his YouTube perambulations…
Let’s get real, here, no one watches the debates anyway;   okay, what few people do watch are usually decided voters, so really, what does Harper accomplish except looking foolish (as usual…) and I just cant see the Opposition kowtowing to this stupidity..well, maybe Junior T, he seems to enjoy riding the coattails of Harper….
The MSM tries to make a long, drawn-out meal of the debates for no other reason than the owners are almost without exception Harper supporters, so this should keep them droning on and on for weeks…no one cares….


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