No Hope With This Pope…

Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have abortions

The Guardian

Tuesday 1 September 2015

How condescending can this ‘religious’ leader get?
Who cares about forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive? Will the Pope also issue orders to ‘forgive’ the man who didn’t wear a condom, or get it snipped, or whatever? Once again, the onus is on the woman, who, while only 50% of the equation must continue to suffer 100% of the consequences and the blame….
And, once again, the Catholic Church, along with every other form of organized religion, proves my point…organized religion sucks, it is the cause of most of the pain, guilt and war in this world, and the wars we seem to be eternally caught up in should be redirected at abolishing organized religion in all it’s forms.

Every  media outlet in the West is happily showering us with   photos of oppressed refugees (if it bleeds, it leads..)  fighting to live, literally, and  often failing.  The many drownings  and horrors of  displaced persons from war torn areas cannot help but remind me of a similar problem around  70 years ago, in Europe, when the war-displaced wandered, helpless, searching for  help from the  ugliness of  post war trauma…and Europe, and the West,  responded…

Now, it’s  above these petty concerns for the Vatican, which infamously back in the day made a deal with Hitler to  ignore the plight of Jewish refugees…  where was all the forgiveness then, Pope?

Instead of proselytizing  about  what women freely choose to, why  not concentrate your pontificating energy  on the refugees, the  children who still live, why not spend some of those  millions of  Vatican-hoarded  dollars to  aid and assist  in the  situation as it stands….or  is the Church  just  disinterested in mostly non-Christian, non-white refugees; children or otherwise?


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