I’ll See Your Bombs, and Raise You Climate Change….


Harper offers Obama climate plan to win Keystone approval

Sources say PM willing to accept emissions reduction targets proposed by the U.S.

By Chris Hall, National Editor, CBC News

Posted: Sep 6, 2013 2:15 PM ET

Last Updated: Sep 6, 2013 10:08 PM ET


First he pontificates (through his rough stuff, Baird, Harper’s own personal beard) about how ‘necessary’ it is to bomb Syria, and now this forelock-tugging re environmental levels being magically changed to favour the US  ‘vision’…whereas until five minutes ago, climate change was still being questioned by the Cons..then, miracle of miracles, Harper decides to try and bribe Obama, who is slipping downward, precipitously, in the polls, just like Dear Leader…but like the political no-see-um that is  our country, influence gone, thanks to Mulroney and now Harper, it will be swatted at, scratched,  and duly ignored….

Can our Emperor Steve get any more sickening than this?

Does this explain his sudden turnaround re the bombing of Syria…anything to suck up to Obama and get approval of his dirty oil exports to Texas…R.I.P. Canada, may your somewhat more honourable past rest in peace..we used to be peacekeepers, moderators, and progressives, now, we are whiny, butt kissing sycophants – and knowing Obama, he’ll be too scared of his supporters in the environmental movement to ever agree to this pumping of dirty bitumen to Texas, as it stands, so our country’s humiliation will be complete.

Will we ever rid ourselves of this chronically stupid and dangerous Con millstone about our collective necks?


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