Any Cardboard to Spare?


Affordable housing in Vancouver within reach: Michael Geller

Michael Geller says innovative design and financing ideas are key to creating more affordable Vancouver homes

By Margaret Gallagher, CBC News Posted: Feb 02, 2015 7:29 AM PT Last Updated: Feb 02, 2015 7:29 AM PT


Yes, let’s crowd those poor people into micro-style sardine tins, charge an arm and a leg so that they couldn’t afford to flee even if they wanted to, and call it ‘progress’.

Look around, this issue is everywhere in the world that corporate interests are paramount…
In London people are protesting in the streets about a lack of affordable housing, and the young there don’t vote, either, so it is the elites who keep voting in Conservatives (pay attention, Canada) whose donors are all elites, etc etc and so it goes…
Nothing will change until there is a level playing field, and those who make millions are unwilling to either pay taxes or share….or even be seen to be playing on any field not pre-approved by  the donor committees designed to  keep the status quo intact…

These sorts of articles bolster the fact that there are  few  palatable solutions to the  ridiculous prices for real estate, and rentals, and generally low pay and less than stellar working conditions..

First they successfully  neutered most unions, and fed the public (and yes, that includes the education system) an insidious brand of tripe that included the sort of anti-worker propaganda once reserved for racist hyperbole…and now?  Few workers are protected on any level,  decent wages and conditions are a pipe dream for most, and the rich just keep getting richer, while the rest of us  wonder how to manage…our expectations could not possibly get any lower…

Sub prime is back in the US, and we can only hope that come our next election, we rid ourselves of the ghastly Cons so that someone in power can  begin to undo the damage here, and that Harper does not retain majority power, or I’m afraid that  nice little articles about  alternative  mini-housing will go the way of the dodo as the rest of us wonder about the efficacy of a large cardboard box, lined in trash bags, for insulation against  a nuclear winter…


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