Toxic Spills and the Toxic Con (tsk, tsk…) Response….


James Moore fires back at ‘political jabs’ over Vancouver oil spill

Industry minister criticizes rush to blame before all facts are known

CBC News Posted: Apr 10, 2015 4:33 PM PT Last Updated: Apr 10, 2015 9:42 PM PT


As horrible as this event was, it did some good here in BC..this ugliness  made it clear to all the naysayers bleating about jobs that NOTHING is worth even the chance of a spill..not to mention the fact that we need our Coast Guard and emergency stations, we need our lighthouses manned, we need some serious emergency response services here on the Coast, and the Feds have once again proven their contempt and disinterest for any Province besides Alberta or Ontario..

If anyone  ever thought that  the saving of a few bucks to shut down so many of  our emergency services was a swell idea, that  has gone …

If anyone still believed that  this country, under the HarperCons, was capable of defending itself against a major  bitumen disaster, that concept has  floated away in an ugly oil slick..

Here in the people’s Republic of Vancouver Island, we vote  for either the Greens or the NDP, with few exceptions, so it’s preaching to the converted to say that a vote for the Cons is a vote for self-annihilation…for the rest of BC, and hopefully, the country at large, this sort of thing should be a huge  wake up call..let’s make sure that we have a conscientious voice in the Federal government next time around, and a push for the return, at the very least, of our coastal emergency services should be the minimum requirement for anyone  who wants our votes.

The Cons love to admonish us for having the  temerity to protest their stupidities, as if we were recalcitrant  children…and this  child is spoiling for a fight.


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