Composure Under Pressure…..

I am trying with  great difficulty to ignore the current campaign for a new Parliament and, if there is any justice, a  new PM. I have been also trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to stop comparing and contrasting (thanks so much to all my Uni  profs. who beat that concept into my head….)  my own reality with that portrayed by the worst offenders in the MSM…

I ‘ve  had little success in staying calm, however..I am sick to death of everything that the  Harper Reich is throwing at us  to  make idiocy important, to turn side issues, petty and vicious though they may be, into  reasons to vote..Instead of concentrating on  the issues that most Canadians are concerned about, like the economy, senior’s issues, the health care system, the horrendous costs of higher education, and the current  regime would have us  applaud the worst sort of  fascist tendencies inherent in Harper’s philosophy..and the worst offenders in all this?  Not the PM, looking more haggard and miserable with every photo-op, not his creepy  campaign director,  just another temporary foreign worker with an agenda, or his  Con minions who  come out squealing  stupidities at every opportunity..four legs good, two legs bad…

No, to me the worst offenders are the media, who latch onto every possible  stupidity thrown out there by the  Cons in tiny trial balloons that are  guaranteed to  attract the attention of so called ‘journalists’ who, like  toddlers, grasp at every little thing floating by with  thoughtless glee.

The difference is that  the media controls the campaigns, and  we all know who owns the media..and now they try to distract us with a late attempt to shore up that secretive  plan called the TPP…in the middle of  election ‘fever’ a great little distraction without actually telling us anything at all….

It’s bad enough that, just like  the Keystone pipeline, Harper pretends to have  pondered on the outcome with TPP and come to  the only possible  conclusion, that it will be good for us…Nope, what it will do for instance, is raise prices for  drugs dramatically, just in time for the aging boomers to have to pay through the nose. The auto industry, so carefully  controlled in our favor for so long, will be decimated in the jobs and after-market industry….so much for all that R & D being poured into alternatives to the combustion engine… I am no protectionist, but I do fear that  whatever standard of living we have  been able to salvage from the grasp of the  wealthy Right is about to  run through our hands like so much sand…and this opening up of  agriculture  grown processed and packaged  with standards no where near our own, will also  be dangerously out of our control re sanitary conditions…

But what does the MSM report?  Don’t worry, kids, this bitter pill will be good for you, and finish the  conspiracy to turn all but the  1% into  economic serfs, grateful for whatever crumbs are thrown our way …

But here I sit, trying to maintain a  Buddha-like demeanor, while all around me I fear that  this  insidiously blatant attempt to  shore up the  powers that be might just succeed…


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