No Seniors Need Apply……


Senior struggles to find affordable housing in Vancouver

It’s a story too common among seniors, says executive director of the Seniors Services Society

By The Early Edition, CBC News Posted: Oct 15, 2015 2:48 PM PT Last Updated: Oct 16, 2015 6:49 AM PT

I could see this coming before I retired, so as soon as the less than golden handshake happened I left the area..didn’t really want to, but..glad now.
I feel for this guy..remember when $700 was a couple of mortgage payments? And so it goes, in Vancouver, the developer’s heaven, where nouveau riche real estate carpet bagger creeps like Rob Rennie, who made a fortune turning out locals for foreign investors, has opined that anyone but the rich should just forget about ownership of a free-standing home in in a condo sardine tin, overpriced and under-built..and  keeping Rennie in comissions for eternity, or until the tax bracket  necessary for the purchase  of any mini-home  runs out of cash…
And though he is worshiped by the upper middle class twits who keep electing him, Gregor Robertson, who never met a  developer he didn’t love, or a photo-op he would pass on, also has much to answer for..he promised, long ago, to deal with homelessness, anyone remember that?  Robertson  is nothing so much as the new version of ex-Vancouver  Mayor Gordon Campbell, who would flash his pearly whites while signing off on another demo of perfectly good housing, only to have to deal with the crisis of  leaky condos..anyone remember that?

When I left Vancouver in 2009,  was paying $700 for a rather  weird little one bedroom suite, right on E. 1st Ave., where the traffic noise ( what was once slated for  Vancouver’s freeway, instead became one of the busiest arterial streets in the city) almost 24/7  kept me wearing earplugs  every night to  be able to sleep..and it did include most utilities..of course the bathroom was crawling with mold, and it had the ugliest large-format  linoleum tiles in the world all through it, but the kitchen was old-fashioned and huge (which I loved) and there was decent storage and  shared laundry,  and I could do a bit of gardening in the rear yard,  so, back in the day, I thought  I was doing well..

Now this poor  guy has to try and find a similar place to live, if he’s lucky..but he needs to  face the reality of  one of the  the most expensive cities in the world…we seniors are not  wanted, unless we  have an independent  income well beyond most pensions..there is no  more subsidized anything for anyone with  any income at all, and  your once adequate pension – isn’t…

I recently read an article  that stated that the  boomer  takeover was oversold..the reality was that our numbers were not increasing drastically, but in fact we are dying off at the  usual rate and have not created a massive spike in government spending on housing or  healthcare, anywhere…so that all the dire predictions of our ‘takeover’ of pensions, etc, has  not  happened, and isn’t likely to..

Well of course not, we  are dying off  probably because there is little to encourage us  unless we  are independently wealthy and can  afford to live as we did when employed..and increasingly fewer of us in the Lower Mainland can afford to  continue living, at all…


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