Fear is Just a Four Letter Word….

Which film or TV show scared you most as a child?

Jekyll and Hyde’s writer Charlie Higson said ‘I’ve always maintained it is good to scare children.’ Photograph: ITV plc


The funny thing is, I loved what were considered ‘scary’ pictures when I was a kid..not until the movie “The Exorcist” was I freaked out by a movie..well, that and “Night of the Living Dead” I guess..but I was an adult for both of those..
Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, the Blob..etc..those were my childhood memories but they didn’t scare me, they thrilled me..to the extent that, as a young child, I told my poor mother that I wanted to be a vampire when I grew up..not because of the blood..but because I could fly, stay up all night, and wear black..so disappointed to find out they were fictional..much worse than the bursting of the Santa Claus balloon…

Actually just remembered one..’Turn of The Screw,’ the movie, with Deborah Kerr..now that had some scary moments..but it was a ghost story, not quite the same thing…

I’m guessing that anyone younger than me was subjected to  more actual horrifying movie fare..stuff I would never  go  and see, like slasher movies..but  gore isn’t  anything but depressing..

For real horror fare, one only has to read about the plight of those in Sudan, the Syrian and other Arab refugees..the genocide in Palestine..I find those stories frightening, and  also the escalation of violence against women, against  people of color everywhere..it is as if the last gasp of bigotry must wreak it’s own  hell upon us all, before we finally see the truth..the truth…now that is, truly, what most people find ultimately frightening..

Have a happy, and peaceful Halloween, everyone…


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