…Then They Came for Me…

Online comments on news stories: a problem for everyone

Syrian refugee stories on news sites are prompting some backlash in the comments section of some websites

By Bal Brach, CBC News Posted: Jan 10, 2016 8:00 AM PT Last Updated: Jan 10, 2016 8:11 AM PT


I can remember the same thing happening re the Omar Khadr release from Guantanamo..same ugly racist slander, same suppositions of already-disproved guilt, same nasty rhetoric..most often  from HarperCon types..they are happily out of power, but that doesn’t stop their bitter and twisted supporters from Harping on and on about anyone of any sort other than old white male Protestants, preferably wealthy and rightwing…

It’s  difficult to rationalize supporting these bigoted yahoos, but support them we must…if freedom of  speech is to  mean anything at all..there have been  many shouts of hate speech, hate mail, and hate crimes lately..whether we agree or not, it is  a good thing that  authorities are reticent about apply these labels to anything and everything, because if they did, we could be next…I rarely get moderated on any news site, but when I do, it is  usually because  I let my anger get out of hand, and, as frustrating as it can be, it is justified  most of the time.

Whenever anyone anywhere calls for strictures on  the freedom of the press/speech, and  yes, for good or  bad, that includes the comments sections, we must look upon these calls with great care …for the application of censorship is a slippery slope that we could all be  sliding down someday.


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