Turning a Fail into a Win…

Mulcair takes responsibility for failed election campaign in letter to NDP supporters

Mulcair wants to remain NDP leader promising not to repeat mistakes of 2015 election

By Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press Posted: Feb 10, 2016 3:51 PM ET Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016 12:44 PM ET



As an NDP supporter, I say this with all due respect…Canada  has dumbed down to the point where a simple cheery message with lots of toothy smiles, preferably accompanied by cleavage (like our on Premier Clark) and celeb/pretty  pie in the sky is the only thing that seems to work here in our country…
Had Mulcair  been  intolerably bland and banal in his presentation, had the ‘message’ been simplified to the point of idiocy, there might have been a prayer for the Fed NDP.
One of the biggest problems is the absolute control wielded by the backroom boys on whatever is put froward..want to see what sincerity and experience and honesty can do for the electorate?   Look no further than Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, and Bernie Sanders in the USA. There’s a reason they are popular and supported by those who usually don’t vote at all..learn it and we will have success next time..it is not just about ‘working families,’ that same old-same old message that annoys the rest of us to distraction..not to mention the fact that it is a meaningless cliche at this point…simple truths, expressed sincerely will win elections.

Depending on Quebec has ruined many an election for  many a party..and  this last one was no different..Quebec helped tremendously to win the  Federal election for the Liberals..no there is no explaining it, why they  would  have voted for  Trudeau must have been some sort of nostalgic brain freeze..but there it is.

Between the fear of many that if they didn’t vote  Liberal that the  Cons would return and the fact that  Mulcair’s delivery wasn’t  shiny -happy there wasn’t much chance for the  NDP.  The fact that the Cons wound up in  Official Opposition isn’t much of a surprise but  I’ll always be  surprised that  the Libs did so well..

It  isn’t about  Mulcair leaving..he’s killer in Parliament and should be encouraged to stay – but that  the backroom boys should  become unemployed. Give us the truth and  you will be elected.


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4 Responses to Turning a Fail into a Win…

  1. MoS says:

    Tom’s is the tale of “overarching” failure. I think he used that word three times in his mea culpa letter, twice more than it should ever surface at one sitting. Yes, he took responsibility – as “leaders must” which is a helpful turn of phrase, sort of like a “no contest” plea in a criminal case that falls just short of an admission of guilt. It’s tantamount to saying “I’m to blame, but not really.” And so, New Dems being New Dems, Mulcair will be rescued from a future of political purgatory. After all, he’s tried the others and burned all his bridges. There’s no place left to go.

    Keep him if you must but realize he’s damaged goods. Worse still, he’s getting old, way too long in the tooth for the new crowd of voters. Wash, rinse, repeat. Help the Liberals out if you must but I’d rather you didn’t.

    • cityprole says:

      I don’t think he needs to remain as leader, but to get rid of him in the sense of him retiring and walking away seems like such a waste..no one can do what he can in a Parliamentary situation..no one fights like he does..
      As for a new leader, my vote would go to Nathan Cullen at this point in time..he’s seasoned, reasoned, intelligent and aware, with a special emphasis on the environment and a real connection to grass roots voters..he could have a wide appeal.
      And it’s long past time that someone from BC took the reins.

  2. MoS says:

    Someone from BC? Our track record out here hasn’t been that great recently. How about Paul Dewar in a byelection?

    • cityprole says:

      If you think Mulcair is long in the tooth…Dewar is a bit too centrist as well. I think, unless a real firebrand like a young version of Barrett comes along, Cullen, who is passionate as well as measured with more sincerity than Junior T could ever muster, is the obvious choice..also like Peggy Nash, a lot, but, again, the age thing..well, at least she is a real economist…
      True to form, though, the NDP will probably either go along with Mulcair for the present or elect some policy wonk with all the charisma of an old carrot…

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