Keeping Up with Kristy Klark & Justin Kardashian….

With Site C, LNG Trudeau govt already breaking promises to First Nations, environment

Posted March 21, 2016 by Damien Gillis in Energy and Resources

While we have some cause  celebrate here on  Vancouver Island due to the BC  Supreme Court  response to the  contaminated  soil issue at Shawnigan Lake,  there is little to celebrate elsewhere in the Province of BC.

Between  the frackin’ and the  floodin’,  this BC  government is determined to destroy whatever is left of our  natural areas, our  drinking water, our coastlines and our ability to  do  squat about any of it by intoning the  sacred cows of  jobs and profits at any and all if there were no other way..and the Feds?  Well, hey, didn’t  the  Liberals win the election on promises to  maintain decent environmental standards, to respect  the rights of  First Nations, etc?  Didn’t they?  Hmmmm..

Not much we can do about  the Feds, now,  and as for the Provincial government, especially here on the  Island  where we vote  NDP  almost as an automatic gesture of defiance, I’m preaching to the converted..the real job is to educate and win over the shruggers who either don’t care or think Clark is great..they are the real problems here in BC..year after year of struggling with these same old Socred clowns, and nothing changes…it’s going to take a Bernie Sanders-like revolution to change things here…and let’s not forget, Justin Kardashian isn’t doing much of anything to preserve our environment here in BC either..let’s keep his toes to the fire and help him to break the selfie habit and start thinking about what’s really important, supposedly what he got elected to do.


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