BDS is no BS – They Call the State “Pariah”

Jewish groups condemn Green Party for supporting Israeli boycott policy

Leader Elizabeth May ‘disappointed’ by party’s vote at its national convention

The Canadian Press Posted: Aug 08, 2016 10:09 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 08, 2016 10:09 AM ET

World Sees Israel as a Pariah State, Senior Gov’t Official Says
Strategic Affairs Ministry aims to change the way Israel is perceived in the international arena, director general Sima Vaknin tells lawmakers; says victory will be achieved when Israel won’t be equated with apartheid.

Barak Ravid Aug 07, 2016 12:49 PM
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I have  been  flirting with the idea of voting Green Party lately because of  its stand on issues I consider important regarding our  environmental and  economic future here in  Canada, and especially BC..and  to be honest I  am (was?) a great admirer of Elizabeth May..she is always prepared and always erudite, makes other  politicians look sloppy and  uninformed for the  most part, and  is  killer in debates..but  this  issue has me rethinking  my all but unconditional  approval ..

May  has  often had  an unfortunate tendency, on international issues, to be blindly partisan..and not with her own party, as evidenced by this delegate vote  in support of BDS  when it comes to  the  Israeli treatment of  Palestinians..something I have always regretted that the other  parties always capitulated on…something that the  party I  usually vote for  (NDP) does not address, but simply goes along with whatever spew comes from the other  two parties..this is political expediency at its worst..why is it  that we can support Syrian and other refugees escaping war and  genocide, but  our  ‘leaders’ refuse to acknowledge the very real  ugliness being perpetrated on Palestine  by the  Israelis?  I  cannot answer that in any way  except to point out  that, like the NRA in the States,  the  Jewish voting  bloc  (that exists  to  a lesser extent than might be imagined) must be worshiped and catered to,  lest they turn away from  voting for whatever party is molly-coddling them at the  time..

Cheers for  the Green  Party delegates who voted to  support the initiative designed, as it was  with  South Africa, to  express disapproval of  the actions of the Israeli regime..if you need  an education on these actions, may I recommend either the Haaretz   News or  Jews for Peace – both are  good sources of  information  on this issue..the  MSM is, decidedly, not..

Ms. May, may  these delegates be a reflection of the changes  the party needs to make  in order to  grown into  its position  of viability..I am betting that these   delegates were young people, part of a world-wide  movement that recognizes that the hypocrisy of the old democracy is a relic, and needs to  be replaces with a humane and caring system for all of us…when you, as leader, recognize and agree to support such actions, I may break down and actually vote  Green..

Disclosure statement:  My mother’s family  is Jewish…in case you were wondering…


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2 Responses to BDS is no BS – They Call the State “Pariah”

  1. I’ve soured on May over time It seems to always be about her instead of the party. The party’s platform seems to get lost in the process, which is too bad because it is actually a good one over all

    • cityprole says:

      Thanks for your input..yes, May seems to have that problem of not progressing along with her party, doesn’t she? it’s a shame, but so it goes…

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