The Little School Board that Could, part 2….

To quote Kurt Vonnegut, and so it goes…
Education Clown Minister Abbott has fired the Cowichan School Board, for not doing something that the Provincial Liberals haven’t be able to do either…pass a balanced budget..if only we could fire them..
The worst part about this whole issue is that this School Board was legitimately elected by the people of Cowichan, wo knew, in advance, that this Board would be sending a restoration budget to the Libs…and chose to elect them for just that was, unlike the Libs, not a hidden agenda… and it rankles that the Provincial government can waylay their democratic right to continue in the offices they were elected to..but then again, there is a lawsuit pending..

As usual in BC, everyone very publicly sent letters of support, from individual parents and teachers from Cowichan and outside throughout the Province, and even other Boards set encouraging words..but not one other Board had the stones to follow through and support Cowichan the only way that mattered…by also sending in a restoration budget….

British Colombia is a  very supportive place for those who are least in blogs, on FacePlant, and letters to the editor…but where is the action BC?  Why didn’t any of you stand up to the Clown Libs and be counted?  Don’t bother, we already know the answer…

What is absolutely galling is that taxpayers’ money for private schools here in BC tops the 100 million mark…why? Want to send your kid to private school?  That is your right, but why should the rest of us pay for it?

Perhaps the best course of action, for all of us, should be to withhold that portion of our BC taxes that goes to private schools, unless and  until our Provincial public school budgets are restored to something resembling sanity…anyone out there interested in some real support for the Cowichan Board, or are you all content to simply blow a whole bunch of hot air at the media and continue to do squat?


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