Crusty Does Alberta…

B.C. premier heads to Alberta for pipeline talks

Christy Clark and Alison Redford to discuss Northern Gateway concerns

CBC online, Saturday Sep[t. 29, 2012



I cannot believe how delusional this woman truly is..why would she go to Alberta to discuss this issue when she knows that the majority of BCers want nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the whole concept…it ain’t gonna fly, Crusty, the parrot is dead, finito…goose egg…
Is there any way we can sign her in for psychiatric evaluation until the next election?
I mean, what is it gonna take to get through to this woman?
I have to wonder if she isn’t doing it just to spite us, like Gordo with the HST..wonder what little treats Harpo has waiting for her when she loses the next election?

Maybe a Senate seat?


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