Harper, You’ve Been Served…

“Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ fine…”

Despite every contrary  act of the Harperoids, have to say that today is a good day..yes, C-51 passed, and, notably, with the self-destructive Junior Trudeau’s tacit approval…Omar Khadr may  get bail, and, realizing how mean-tempered and petty Harper can be, I’m sure he’s doing everything he can, legitimate and otherwise, to prevent it…there is news today that the Cons  managed to somehow neglect to spend 97 million earmarked for social services…Duffy’s lawyer is making  mincemeat of the prosecution, while simultaneously holding up the Senate and its non-rules for public vilification..

Oh, yeah, and  the NDP  kicked some major butt in  what is now being termed “Albertastan’ by those who are poor losers….

I am reminded of an event back  in time, decades ago, when BC’s own nutbar, Bill Vander Zalm, was forced out  by  his own political sins and had to take a walk, and  Rita Johnston, who took over, being assailed on all fronts by every nasty little little manipulation credited to her predecessor…and the  final destruction of Social Credit (or Cons by any other name…)

I’ll be loading up on popcorn, and  sitting back to watch the  ConClown circus continue to spin out of control, with Junior Trudeau bringing up the rear in his naive nonchalance…

With the  Big Oil Bosses spewing their invective and the all- but- the- coffin  expiry of any pipeline coming West,  it will be interesting to  see what Crusty Clark, our BC Lieberal leader, does now that all her pals in  that political  cabal known as ConLibs seem to be  in suicide mode…

Being a BCer for all this time, I am  way too cynical to assume  the total destruction of all that I despise…however,  have to say that even a dyed-in-the-wool old pessimist like me isn’t able to totally remove the  smirk from my lips today…


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One Response to Harper, You’ve Been Served…

  1. Just found your blot–love it. Thanks for writing.

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