Seniors! Sweet Serfdom Awaits!

Seniors going bankrupt in soaring numbers

More Canadians are outliving their savings and spending their golden years in debt

By Sophia Harris, CBC News Posted: Jun 29, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 29, 2015 6:54 AM ET


This is a great article for those seniors lucky enough to have owned their own homes..wait until the seniors who rent are left homeless due to ever rising costs (including rent..)
If the powers that be were interested in anything besides their corporate donors, subsidized housing would be in the forefront..and nationalization of municipal and provincial as well as federally- owned property would be the way to go..if our governments built (invested in..) stable cost-effective housing for seniors things might be looking up a bit..we are the single largest group population-wise, and the biggest group of voters..think about it, politicians…

Consider the nightmare for our  medical services if soaring numbers of seniors were clogging up the system due to  homelessness, exposure, random violence from the  haves against the have-nots, and gasp! worst of all, having to move your senior  relatives in with you because they had no where to go..Consider the revisionist principle of  people once again having to work until they dropped – so many modern serfs in today’s corporate paradise,   the new reality flying in the face of the promises of  the First World for  a good, rewarding retirement… or instead, becoming  a drain, financially and emotionally, on  your  younger relatives…

That would be the definition of karma, right?  All those  young people who stayed long past their welcome birthday of 18, now in a position of having to  support and sustain aged parents with no alternatives..

Of course there are alternatives, if the powers that be choose to implement them…and I would suggest that if you  want my vote, some movement in the direction of sustaining seniors in their ‘golden years’  better be  prominent on  your  list of promises as  hopefuls for election..


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