No Non-Polluting Victories on Victoria Day…


Stephen Hume: Province’s secrecy puts people’s health at risk


Finally, the  Mayor of Vancouver, BC,  Gregor Robertson is earning the trust that voters have given him for a few years now…and possibly starting the next campaign for the Provincial election somewhat early? So be it! However, Trudeau went on and on, pre-election, about how he disapproved of new pipelines to the West Not so much…be careful who you put your trust in…Christy Clark did the same thing..what we need in BC is a referendum, just like the HST..and then it will be final!

We are all  so tired of  these constant  threats to our well being…at the same time, we are being  bombarded with news of Portugal and  Germany  being  between  50 and  100% self sufficient in energy,  without fossil fuels..why do we lag so far behind?  Why aren’t we harnessing the clean power that exists for the developing ?

Why is the Federal government still supporting the dumping of contaminated soil on Vancouver Island,  in our  neighbors’ hills, above the site of Shawnigan Lake,  drinking water for thousands?  Does no one in our country with any [power at all not  read about what is going on in the  States, where  contaminated water is being  found  in countless places that once thought their drinking water was safe?

While the chattering classes are distracted on Twitter by some inane  shenanigans  in Parliament,  our medical system is going straight to hell, our water is being polluted  with impunity, and  our  new savior is off to Japan to lick his self-inflicted wounds  and take some more idiotic  selfies…and we  here in Canada pay homage to a long- dead queen with our own  version of bread and circuses…

Happy Victoria Day…



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