Wake Up and Smell the Corruption, Canada…….

90 scientists and climate experts call on Trudeau to reject Pacific NorthWest LNG


The only politicians speaking out against these horrors are Green..and, as a lifelong supporter of the NDP, I am ashamed of my party of choice for their mostly wimpy advocacy of voters against Big Oil; and Gas and Coal…and only half-hearted support for alternatives..the only NDPer who seems to be supportive of the need to keep it all in the ground and chase alternatives is Nathan Cullen, and unless or until he is voted in as the next leader of the Party, I’ll be voting Green..nothing else in this country is more important than dealing with climate change..nothing else will matter if we destroy the environment for the sake of the offshore bank accounts of a few rich old men…

I am ashamed and disgusted by this country’s voting  record, not to mention my  Province, BC, continually voting in  some right wing hack or the other who  will always lie to get elected, then turn around and do  what they always were going to do..support the  agenda of their  big money donors..and it ain’t a  Green agenda, folks…

In this country, we  have a wealth of alternatives to  dirty resource extraction, yet  so many other countries, , all around us, ae already in  at least the planning stages for  an alternate, clean  vision…and BC, or  Canada?  Dithering  about   details,  like  two internet trolls  battling it out over trivialities in the comments section of  a Twitter joke…what the hell is going on with this country?  We used to be leaders in  peacekeeping, have the highest  standard of living, and elect progressives….now?

We make  jokes about  Trump refugees invading this country, but  doubt if they’d be any happier here…


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