Something Bold, Something Shrewd..And Tomorrow, Something New?

Cheri DiNovo an ‘unofficial’ candidate for federal NDP leadership

‘I’m running for principles, not for a position,’ DiNovo says, rejecting party’s $30K entry fee

By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Jun 07, 2016 8:16 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 07, 2016 11:15 AM ET

Now isn’t this an interesting little turn of events..a woman saying  she wants to run for the  leadership of the  NDP, but  averse to  paying the  $30 thou fee to register…this is an education for me and  I suppose any woman who  is interested in  politics..maybe  I’m naive, but I was unaware of this insane demand…yes, insane,  how many  NDPers, especially women,  have 30 grand laying around? Guess you need to find  a ‘sponsor’ for that, which, of course, automatically puts you in the position of owing  ‘favors’..right?  And they wonder why women don’t run..since  we already are  financially challenged by the imbalance in  our economic situation,  think this is wonderful, a breath of fresh air, and a good way to educate the  voter on what  it takes to run..never mind principles,  or experience, it’s all about the money…or is it?

Ms DiNovo states that she is an ‘unofficial’ candidate because of, among  other things,  that little matter of  30 large…well,  I for one am impressed with her initial  statement of’s very close to my own, and  with the environment in first  place in  her list of concerns, I am happy to say that, as  non-member of the  NDP who always  votes NDP, I heartily endorse her unofficial early declaration with all the lack of validity  my  support  gives her..

There’s something in the air, folks…I think that the  Bernie Sanders run for the  nomination in the  US has  (gasp!) awoken  some  dormant  scruples in this  country…and shaking up the  moribund  NDP, (which I  promised elsewhere I would no longer vote for if  Nathan  Cullen didn’t get  the nod for  Party Leader) is definitely my  cup of tea..

Maybe I’ll invest in some popcorn..this ‘race’ suddenly got interesting..let’s hope it embarrasses the NDP powers that be into  a serious look at the  way they  run their party, and what they stand for..I’ll say it  again (and again, until someone hears …) without  the environment being at the top of the  list of concerns and promises for  positive outcomes, not  just travel/gab fests with other  ‘leaders,’ I  will not vote  NDP  again.  Nathan Cullen  has said no..that breaks my heart, but so be it..let the circus begin…


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4 Responses to Something Bold, Something Shrewd..And Tomorrow, Something New?

  1. Mark says:

    Federal leadership campaigns are subject to campaign finance laws. Since the entry fee is paid to the party, that’s considered a donation. That in turn means that paying such a fee out of your own pocket, or getting that money from just one individual, or even just a few individuals, would violate said laws.

    The current limit for a donation to a political party is $1525. Given that the average NDP donor gives substantially less than that, meeting the entry fee would probably require at least a few hundred donors.

    • cityprole says:

      So that potential candidate would have to be raising that money from ‘legit’ donors for who knows how long to wind up with 30 thousand dollars to give to the party, is that how it works? Seems bizarre, this makes it even tougher to raise the money..okay, thanks for the info Mark..doesn’t change my mind, if anything, it reinforces the concept that money should be kept out of politics…

  2. Troy says:

    It seems undemocratic. For a party with the name Democrat, it’s pathetically ironic.
    The burden is overly onerous, and favors entrenched and established candidates. NDP leadership seems to be protecting itself from insurgents, ala Sanders or Corbyn. It’ll become an election of political actors with the most connections, rather than who’s the best candidate to lead the NDP.
    Good on DiNovo bringing light to this.

    • cityprole says:

      I totally agree agree, Troy..and this is only (we live in hope) the opening salvo to what might be a bit of a revolution in party politics..or, dare I suggest it, politics in general
      As you point out it’s happening elsewhere..hopefully Canada will at some point catch up..

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