Brexit – Stage Left…

The Guardian view on post-Brexit politics: perilous times for progressives

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in north London in the wake of resignations from his shadow cabinet
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in north London in the wake of resignations from his shadow cabinet. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images


Frankly, I don’t see why all the panic is being’s terrible that immigrants feel unsafe, and that the bigots are on holiday, assuming that they have ‘won ‘ something, but really, there are lots of positives in Brexit that no one seems to be talking about..could that be because the Right chose to support it to destabilize a surging Progressive tide? All over the world, conventional politics are being questioned, if not derided, and all over the world, the young are questioning the very validity of so called ‘democratic’ principles , of politics by committee, and the obviously corrupt and costly situation that is the EU…Farage may think that he’s ‘won’ something, but in fact, the bigots were always with him, but they are a minority..
The problems are with the media, as always a tool of the elites..
Once things settle down – and Blairites quit exploiting the ‘chaos’ by trying, yet again, to unseat the only decent leader that UK  Labor has had for a long while – it might be seen as obviously a good thing that Corbyn didn’t get too involved in the process…why is it that Brits continue to believe that leaders are there to brainwash the electorate..they are there to carry out the will of the people, not to force the people to their will…

Now the BritCons are faced with explaining to the  Leave voters that in fact all the promises they made might  have  been hyperbole..overstated, at best…and Corbyn had nothing to do with that…the bigots who  crawl out from  their sewers and spread filth and fear are always with us, and  they may feel vindicated, but they will soon  find out that their stupidity (how many of them actually voted?)  will be answered with pushback…the young of the  UK are vindicated, they want a one world system to level the playing field and this sort of thing will cause them to vote in vast numbers, like never  before, for progressive candidates who  share their values…you can see something similar in the States happening with  Clinton looking less and less like the progressive she  tries to convince voters that she is, and more like the corrupt  Dem/Rep inseparable from  her supposed  rivals …

The fact that Corbyn didn’t  bite is  a  positive for me, and shows foresight…let them hang themselves  Jeremy, watch and wait and strike at election timed..those who appreciate your stance will be with you, and I believe,  like  Bernie Sanders,  you will prevail..


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One Response to Brexit – Stage Left…

  1. Bernie Orbust says:

    The European ECONOMIC Union is all nonsense. It’s three founding principles are all terrible ideas: free trade, a common currency area (many EU nations were smart enough to opt out of) and deregulated open-border immigration. (One doesn’t have to be a racist to want some control over immigration.)

    These are all flaky market fundamentalist ideas. The empire-wide EU government is far removed from democratic control or accountability. It’s entire purpose is to allow the establishment to force neoliberal reforms on a people, who are largely social democrat, against their democrat will.

    So remember the establishment advice: 1. Stay Calm. 2. Act and think irrationally and hysterically. What the establishment is selling as “peace, love and unity” is really them using designed-to-fail neoliberal economic policies to loot trillions of dollars from people who don’t have the democratic power to stop them: except in GFY democratic referendums like the Brexit.

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